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Our artist

Our artist are the common people with extraordinary handwork skills, their different cultural background and richness in tradition make them more special in their crafts. The art is in their blood and has transferred through generations in their families. We at Karigarofficial through the help of our artist’s provides different special handmade products.


Our mission - Protect artist & preserve art

Our mission is solely to protect our artist and preserve their art by developing and promoting it to global world using our platform “Karigarofficial”.We want to act as a bridge between our unique artist and people seeking their uniqueness.

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Our culture & heritage

India’s culture is the most diverse culture in the world, with variety of religions, festivities,practices and food.It is said that, in India on every 100 KM language changes, with such richness in its history, India is also the capital for handicrafts where each city and even cities has some unique different crafts to offer.

Our story

Karigarofficial is an initiative started for artist’s who have very fine craft and wants to develop themselves but facing the issue of growing it in the global market. It all started by two college going students who come from two different nationalities and met in abroad for study purposes. The two became friends and saw the vision together of developing the Indian craft industry to global heights and serve the artist’s by providing them more opportunities than ever.


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