Namaste & Welcome to the Tradition of India

In India before starting anything new, we worship and take blessings of lord Ganesha “(the god of fortune), here let’s start UNLOCKING THE CULTURE AND TRADITION by saying “Ganesh Maharaj Ki Jai“.

Culture and Tradition

Culture and Tradition 1

Great buddha

Spread knowledge & wisdom in India.

Although Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal but he has spent most of his life in India sharing his great knowledge and wise words of wisdom accross the country.Buddha started meditating and attained its practise of buddhism in bihar, india.He has enlighted many souls by his spritutal prcatises and many in india has started follwing buddhism including the great emperor “The Great Ashoka”.

Culture and Tradition 2
Culture and Tradition 1

land of TEMPLE's

Place of peace & Faith

India with such big diversity and culture holds a major hindu population accross the nation and so does their holy places for worship.In hindu culture devotees go to temples for worship of their gods not one but many, hindu culture has 330 million gods who currently lives in more than 475 million temples excluding those which are a part of home.

History of Temples in India

"The mind is everything, what you think you become."

Gautama buddha

- Since ever -

The land where different souls unite and live.

Culture diversity & religion richness

Without a doubt India is the only place in the world with so many religions in a country who have different prcatices and cultures. currently India hold’s 9 different religions diversity people in country.

Languages &

With this much population and diversity India speaks more than 22 languages with majority of speakers speak official language “Hindi & English” followed by 21 state languages and over 720 dialects.


If India has holidays for every festival then probably kids will never go to school (due to holidays). India celebrates more than 100 major festivals across the country of all religions. These are the just major other’s we can even count.

Different Cuisines &

Just like every other country India also loves to eat but Indian’s take it to next level due to their richness in cuisines, India has 4 major cuisines each representing 4 different parts of India.


When it comes to heritage every city speaks for itself and brings out unique pieces of artistic work on ancient infrastructure starting from The Taj Mahal to museums, temples, mosques, palaces and much more. According to sources UNESCO declared 38 major heritage sites in India.But if you visit Rajasthan itself you will realize there are more than what have been told.

Hot spicy food, play safe

Now as you have comed to our website, you deserve a delicious indian receipe, here you you.

love & bond

We Indians believe once you find your soul partner, your bonds becomes so immortal that you live with him/her for 7 lives.

Our rituals and practices

Our marriage cermony is not like an ordinary wedding it invloves 1000 of peoples and it last for an week with everyday something especial in it.


Culture and Tradition 4

Symbol of love!

Although Taj Mahal is known for its symbol of love but very few people know that Shah Jahan was so possessive for his wife Mumtaj that he didn’t want the laborers to build another masterpiece like this so he cut off their hands after they finished building Taj Mahal.

Folk dance & music

Indian dance has its roots back to the time when there were royal families in India even before that, mesmerize performances were done by great artist who showed cultures of different states to kings to earn the rewards.

India’s famous musician known as the gem of India “Tansen” one of Akbar’s gems used to sing so well that it is believed that his singing was so powerful that even rain started to fall, the earthen-lamps used to light on its own.

Necessity of indian's

Folk and dance is the soul of our country, every festival,marriage,function, event, movies are incomplete without having dance and music in it

Gangaur Festival, Rajasthan.

Traditional festival of rajasthan


A foreigner visits in India and gets mesmerize by its beauty and culture, a small representation of his feeling when he enters a handmade carpet shop.

Handmade is not just an art, its a feeling.

Biggest Fair of world.

“KUMBH MELA” is the world’s larget spiritual gathering in the world which invollves millions of people all around the world and even is the only fair which can be seen from space.

“Culture and Tradition at its peek”.

Culture and Tradition 5

"Naga Sadhu"(Nude Saint)

Naga Sadhu” (Nude saint) are the meticulous group of lord Shiva bhakts who lives in Himalaya’s caves and come only during this fair to pay tribute to lord Shiva. 

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