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ABOUT US: Discover Our Story

Coming from Spiritual Land we are Committed to help people living a happy fullfilled spiritual life, KARIGAROFFICIAL Marble Statues takes the inspiration from 5000 years old Hindu culture in India, incorporating creative and artistic patterns based on our scriptures. By creating and sharing wonderful vedic stories, KARIGAROFFICIAL brings spritual experiences to followers of Hindu Culture worldwide, igniting spirutality & warmth in people's lives.

About the Founder: Our Journey

Namaste Everyone, My name is Vinayak, and this is a little introduction about our background. Deep within my heart, I always knew that there was more to life than the never-ending chase for material possessions. As a young man with deep love for Western culture, I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the fancy Western world. However, the more I immersed myself into the idea of fast fancy western world, the more empty and lonely I felt. I started realizing no amount of wealth or luxury could fill the growing emptiness inside me, and I began to long for something more meaningful and fulfilling.
Then one day, I had an epiphany - I would escape the trappings of the materialistic world and find peace in something more profound. My journey led me to the ancient art of sculpting statues, and I was immediately drawn to the intricate beauty of marble statues.

 Our Mission and Values: About Us and Our Mission

In the heart of KARIGAROFFICIAL, a fervor was ignited, a fervor that gave birth to a unique platform. This platform is not just a website, but a bridge that spans across time, connecting individuals to the profound tranquility and fulfillment found in the age-old Hindu culture, a culture steeped in five millennia of wisdom and tradition.

At KARIGAROFFICIAL, we serve as the conduit, guiding souls on a journey of discovery and connection with their manifestation of divine entities. We believe in the transformative power of art, its ability to communicate beyond words, to touch hearts, and to bring serenity into lives. Through our meticulously crafted artworks, we aspire to illuminate the path to peace, one divine connection at a time.

About Our Services: What We Do

As I traveled to the remote villages of India, I discovered the talented artisans who pour their souls into every stroke of the chisel, creating stunning masterpieces that capture the essence of Hindu gods & goddess empowering you to connect with the divine and find your true path in life.

Our Team and Expertise: Meet the Team


Through KARIGAROFFICIAL, I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people, each with their unique stories of finding peace and enlightenment through art. I have seen how a single statue can transform the energy of a space, bringing a sense of calm and serenity into people's lives.

Our Commitment: Our Approach

My journey has not been easy, and I have faced many obstacles along the way. But the fulfillment that comes with knowing that my work is helping people connect with their gods and find peace in their lives is worth all the effort.


What makes our products unique?

Customization, detailed craft makes our products unique. We offer full color and style, size customizations for our marble statues.

What problem are we solving?

We help and connect NRI's and beloved Indian Culture Lovers who believe in our 5000 years old culture through our alpha energies statues, marble sculptures, religious idols. We aim to bring Happiness, Consciousness and Calmness in our Customers life.

Why Should We Choose You?

Trust, Honesty, Empathy are our company foundation and we do everything to give you the best experience of your life!

Company Overview: About Us and Our Values

Today, I continue to work closely with the skilled artisans of India to create beautiful marble statues that bring joy, peace, and enlightenment to people's lives. KARIGAROFFICIAL is more than just a business to me - it is a calling, a mission to share the beauty of Hindu culture and help people find a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.