Antique Wooden Makeup Box-Maharani’s Choice

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Overview of the product

  • Antique raw look makeup box.
  • Strong and detailed handwork.
  • Raw colors gives you an extra edge to be different from others.
  • Great for gifting to your close ones.
  • Royal feeling (Maharani of Rajasthan).


Antique Wooden Makeup Box- Maharani’s choice

The antique wooden makeup box- Maharani’s choice is an ideal return gift for marriage if you wish to showcase your refined sense of aesthetics.
This antique wooden makeup box is sure to make any person you gift to feel special because of the exquisiteness of its design, and the feel of exclusivity it carries. This makeup box comes with a mirror fixed in the interiors of its compartment, as well as, adequate space for keeping all the makeup products. Moreover, the fine quality wood used in the carving of this box lends it a premium feel, which is a highly desirable gift for you.

Treat yourself with it and be a Maharani.

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Material & Craft:

Wood and wood carving.

Family Little Secret Bonus:

Maharani’s of Rajasthan are the symbol’s of power and wisdom, this antique wooden makeup box is a tribute to them.

Additional information

Weight950 g
Dimensions8.5 × 5.6 in

1 review for Antique Wooden Makeup Box-Maharani’s Choice

  1. laura

    i personally love such raw looking items, as an art collector- now have one more master piece in my collection.

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