Elephant Statue Large Outdoor 12”


Elephant Statue Large Outdoor 12”

? We bet YOU haven’t SEEN it Before!!! Masterpiece Elephant Figurine- Large elephant figurine, hand crafted and hand painted.

✔️GOOD FORTUNE AND LUCK – Bring good luck and Fortune to your home with this special hand carved embossed women on elephants statue Symbol of good fortune and remover of obstacles.
✔️HANDMADE HIGH-QUALITY CARVING – Hand-Carved in Marble dust and Handpainted to give it authentic Antique look, Our Indian Elephant are Embossed With Traditional 55 Indian Women in different poses and Have Large Height of 12 inches, A special addition to your home.
✔️GIFTS ANNIVERSERY COUPLES HOME DECOR – Exclusive to the KARIGAROFFICIAL, this elegant Piece of artwork Shares an unsaid story about Indian History and shows unconditional love, passion for culture, tradition and art. Great Royal Gifts for Elephant lovers. Housewarming Gifts and Elephant Decor Home Office.
✔️ADD TO CART : Our elephant sculptural measures 12 INCHES in height and comes with a solid weight of 6 Kgs approx. The perfect living room Decor Garden Statues Would be 2 Elephant Set of These beautiful Statues.
✔️SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE! For over 100 years of experience of Indian artists has put into the marble statues to make a beauty a masterpiece Elephant Statues Home Decor Marble elephant decoration like this and add as a Unique Collection To your home. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

– Dimensions: L*B*H: 12*5*12 inches ( approx.)
– Color: White + A little yellow (as pictures)
– Material – Marble Dust
– Rare artifact, Looks great from all sides

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Elephant Statue Large Outdoor 12”

? Large Elephant Figurine, hand crafted and hand painted. This Elephant Statue is decorated with embossed sculptures all over its body. It is а really beautiful Elephant Figurine.

This festive season, buy this beautiful masterpiece of Marble elephant statue with embossed figurines Elephant Statue Large Outdoor 12” , very fine and high quality work is done on this artwork. Great Gift for yourself and your loved ones!!

? Elephant figure is a popular symbol of happiness and luck. Among other things, Elephant Figurine symbolizes success and prosperity. It will bring you wealth, so it’s nice to put it in your office or store.

? The Elephant Statues Home Decor Marble elephant Elephant Statue Large Outdoor 12” is a very good gift for a friend who is starting a new business or is facing a difficult venture. The Elephant Statue will protect it and give it strength.

? He is a figure that symbolizes patience, and with him we make the right decisions. Treat his buck or belly and think calmly – the solution will come intuitively. It’s no accident that the elephant is a symbol of wisdom. Because of the strong positive symbolism of the elephant, this statuette is a great gift.

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? UNFORGETTABLE GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: Housewarming, Home Decoration, Birthday, Wedding, Baby shower, Graduation, Bridal shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas… All occasions.

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Additional information

Weight5.0 g
Dimensions12 × 6 × 12 in


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