Zodiac and Jewelry Connection

Zodiac and Jewelry Connection

If you’ve had the chance to read about what your zodiac sign says about your personality, you would have been astonished by how relatable it is. Astrology is a study that is exceptionally complex, expansive, and transformative. 

Most people are aware that the fundamental principle of astrology revolves around 12 zodiac signs that are based on the position of the sun, moon, and planets.

Each sign has its own set of traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Zodiac signs are all based on one of the four elements – air, water, fire, and earth. The elements that your sign is associated with speak about your energy.

Element of Water

Zodiac and Jewelry Connection 5
Zodiac and Jewelry Connection 5

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are mainly associated with Water and tend to be sensitive and emotional.

Element of Fire

Zodiac and Jewelry Connection 7

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are associated with Fire, and they are feisty, temperamental, and passionate.

Element of Earth

Zodiac and Jewelry Connection 8

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are associated with Earth, and they tend to be more patient, modest, and grounded.

Element of Air


Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are associated with Air, and they are sociable and intellectual.

Benefits of Wearing Silver As Per Astrology

Astrological studies have firmly stood by silver to bring prosperity and happiness to the wearer. In Vedic Astrology, silver is believed to be produced from the eyes of Lord Shiva, which is why it is considered a symbol of prosperity. 

Silver is primarily related to the planet Venus and the Moon. In astrology, the moon represents the mind, and Venus represents luxuries in life. 

The Moon portrays the principle of fluidity i.e., water and generally liquids, femininity, sensuality, cleansing…

It should come across as no surprise that zodiac signs associated with the element of water are especially well-suited for silver. 

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, will heavily benefit from wearing silver ornaments, especially in their daily lives.

Wearing silver projects a sense of calmness during challenging times and significantly helps while making decisions. 

Silver is essentially a universal element, so it works well with any and all zodiac signs, even if it favors the signs associated with water. It is more about what kind of silver ornaments work well for your zodiac sign.

You Must be wondering what is zodiac and jewelry connection? Here you Go!

What to Wear According to Your Horoscope

Aries. The best choices for them are chain bracelets or classy small or medium rings.

Taurus. They love luxury, and classic and trendy necklaces work best for them.

Gemini. Bracelets and necklaces which have branches suit them well.

Cancer. Pendant necklaces and earrings are preferable for them.

Leo. Jewelry that is big, bold, and noticeable is perfect for their style.

Virgo. Simple, elegant bracelets fit them flawlessly.

Libra. Necklaces of various lengths are exquisite for Libras.

Scorpio. Little earrings with shapes like droplets or tiny spheres are perfect for them.

Sagittarius. Their style is often bold, hence simplistic and plain jewelry is more suitable for them.

Capricorn. Matching necklace-earring or bracelet-ring sets perfect for Capricorns.

Aquarius. They lean towards pendants paired with necklaces that make a statement.

Pisces. Bracelets and anklets are well suited for Pisces.

Now that you understand what piece of silver jewelry works best for you,

what are you waiting for? Time to shop!

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