The Story of Our Broken Marble Statues

The Story of Our Broken Marble Statues

In our small marble workshop, nestled amidst serene surroundings, we embarked on a special project: crafting a magnificent Brahma statue. With eight hands and an air of divinity, it was meant to inspire awe. However, our journey took an unexpected turn when, during the delicate sculpting process, one of Brahma's hands broke.

Brahma Marble Statue hand broken while sculpting in KARIGAROFFICIAL WORKSHOP

This setback was disheartening. We had promised our client to complete the statue in two months, but now, with one month already gone and our progress shattered, doubts loomed. Yet, amidst the fragments of marble, we found an opportunity to reaffirm our values of trust, empathy, and honesty.

Trust guided our resolve. Instead of abandoning hope, we doubled our efforts, aiming to complete the statue in just one week. We were determined to honor our commitment and deliver on time, no matter the obstacles.

Honesty was our guiding light. Rather than taking shortcuts or hiding the mishap, we chose transparency. We knew the importance of this religious artwork to our client, so we decided to start afresh, ensuring the integrity of every detail.

Empathy infused our every action. Understanding the emotional attachment our client had to the statue, we approached the task with sensitivity. Each stroke of the chisel was imbued with care and respect, honoring the significance of the artwork.

With unwavering trust, honesty, and empathy, we are making the Brahma statue on time. It was not just a testament to our craftsmanship but also a reaffirmation of our dedication to our clients and their beliefs.
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Brahma Marble Statue in making
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