Why Sai Baba is called Sai Ram ?

Why Sai Baba is called Sai Ram ?

Among his many names, Sai Baba was often referred to as "Sai Ram" by his devotees. The name "Ram" held special significance, for it was the name of Lord Rama, an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. To his followers, calling Sai Baba "Sai Ram" was a way of expressing their deep devotion and admiration for him, as well as their belief in his divine nature.

Every time a devotee uttered the name "Sa Ram," it was as if they were invoking the divine presence of Sai Baba himself. It was a name filled with love, devotion, and the unshakable faith that Sai Baba would always be there to guide and protect them.

And so, the name "Sai Ram" became synonymous with Sai Baba's boundless love and compassion, a testament to the deep connection between the saint and his devotees. For in calling him "Sai Ram," they were not just acknowledging his divine nature, but also expressing their own unwavering devotion and love.

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