The significance and deep message of many symbols of Lord Ganesha

The significance and deep message of many symbols of Lord Ganesha

With festivities of light, divinity, spirituality, and togetherness just around the corner, are you also searching for the presence of the divinity of the golden Ganesh murti in your house? With this thought that follows our confused and amused minds from the plethora of choices the Karigar sculpture provides us, the confusion follows us behind the smash of the plethora of choices the sculpture demonstrates.

Infinite are the legends, stories, symbols, and values; the divinity of the divine God Ganesha in Hindu scriptures doesn’t go unacknowledged. He is the one who is called upon at the brink of any essential work, task, or new arena by his followers in order to seek steering by his sight of our fates, acknowledged by the mighty Lord whom we commonly call Vighnaharta or Vighnesha. Here, his followers put their trust that the divine, as the name suggests, would bless the follower with the way out of any obstacle, as the latter name suggests that he is the Lord of the final fate of each and every obstacle on this planet Earth and believed to be free from any and not let the impending dangers and fears doom the way.

Popular name of Ganesha

The divine deity is invoked by various praising synonyms, which may be endless and countless, over to a hundred, thousand, or even beyond this. The divine being is called by and has many names, which his devotees are chanting along to in songs offered to praise the Lord. He is also called upon by names that one cannot count, which seems impossible for a single person to state based on the heroic deeds he has done to show the path of great courage or the right path. The presence of a  Ganesha ensures a divine energy in the house. 

Even though the list seems endless, there are infinite names that God is bestowed with, like Lambodar Pitambar and Vinayaka, each holding a symbolic meaning. The legends have it in the stories of his large-headed Lord, which is also one of the reasons behind and too many of his delight in providing synonyms with which the followers chant in the praises of the wisdom or large-headed divine are Gaamukha, where Gaja means a synonym of the animal, elephant, and the popular synonym in these following three praises is Ganapati, which symbolizes the praised Lord, Gajavakra.


The one-tusked and four-handed divine being and his overall godliness are also sourced from his vision and the magnitude of his divinity. He is not like just any other celestial being or deity, but each and every part of his being, even the symbols that surround him, the symbols that the Lord is decorated with all might to the awe and surprise that seems, is also the source beneath many of his divine synonyms.

Vighnavinashaka, the one who will avoid all problems; Vakaratunda, the one whose tunda or nose, even when turned left or right, does not seem to be specific. The tunda of the Gaja mukha deity holds another level of understanding and significance upon the inference given, as the trunk tells us, to his devotees not to look towards any of their earthly desires by the guidance provided by the all-mighty, divine, and auspicious Lord Ganesh. You must prefer to keep the Ganesh statue in your home for better growth and development.  

The symbolic trunk and its significance:

The mighty, the celestial being Lord, gives his divine light of knowledge and spirituality over each of his followers with each and every kind, with each and every thinking way, with each and every belief with which one views the Lord. The wise being is seen as having many meanings with each and every symbolism, each and every motif, and each and every idea from which we view him. Each and every side of the Lord gives us the message of wisdom, the way of living, and the way in which he is shown in his features. His big head gives us a view of the message of the ability of the devotee to think big, huge, colossal, and not small towards the path. On the contrary, the very small eyes of the large-headed God that demonstrate the ability to concentrate must be gathered by his devotees in their lives, and the way they live must be enhanced. Again, the cycle of the infant-like deity amuses us with the next opposite feature of a small mouth that tells his followers to instill the ability to become more silent and not beat around the bush but to be in a quiet manner with small lengths of words used and not to falter around with the meaning of what one wants to tell or say in the large shadow of not so required large lengths of words. Our professional artisans framed the best Ganesha sculptures with fine work and unique designs that always attract people. 



Importance of god ganesha statue for your house

 The next feature of wisdom having a divine being is the significance of a single tusk and only one, whereas usually, the large head of an elephant has two. Also, a surprising fact is the inference of a single and only tusk on the head of a human child. The prominence of a single tusk concerns the fact that one should be able to try to acquire the ability to try to retain the good rather than focus on the bad. The symbolism of the divine golden Ganesh murti is endless in its inferences, meanings, and deep message for the right way of life. One such is the symbol of the vehicle, the mouse, or the Mushakaraj, that sits beneath the feet of the large-headed divine deity, which, even on its contrary, shows that one should allow the arrogances and desires of oneself to be at the feet of the divine, who frees us from the clutches of such chains, frees us from their sadness, and bestows his devotees with the rewards of each task done.


Even though each motif, each symbol, each angle, each view, and each point of vision inclined and steered in the direction of the is very admirable, as all in their individual places lies sacred as a suitable way for the expression of the admiration, the glorious, the stellar praise of the Lord Ganesha, the view above all of them steers the eye, the ways, the mind, and the mindset of the devotees in and towards the path of right conduct of life. Through each and every view and viewpoint through which we see the divine deity, each and every sight of his bestows a plethora of knowledge, wisdom, and wise light upon his devotees.

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