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KARIGAROFFICIAL Ram Darbar Statue Marble Murti Large 12 inches Marble Ram Sita Laxman Hanuman Idol Hindu Religous Ram Darbar Multicolor Handpainted Beautiful Home Temple Sculpture Housewarming Gifts

KARIGAROFFICIAL Ram Darbar Statue Marble Murti Large 12 inches Marble Ram Sita Laxman Hanuman Idol Hindu Religous Ram Darbar Multicolor Handpainted Beautiful Home Temple Sculpture Housewarming Gifts

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Hindu & Buddhist sculptures with spiritual significance
Authentically hand-crafted by our Indian artisans
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Shipped directly from India
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Q & A

 Q: Can we do customization of colors according to our choice, If yes How much would you charge for it?

A: Yes we do offer color customization of our statues, There is no additonal charges for color customizations although there are charges for Jewelry customization and Additonal Gold leaf work, It depends upon the work you want!

 Q: What's the Best Care Routine for Your Statue? Does the color Fades over time? How to protect them?

A: Keep Ganesha Statue at clean & dry place, Regular Dry Dusting and Weekly Cold Water Bath/ Milk Bath, Natural Kumkum Shringar is fine, AVOID use of Harsh chemicals & warm water. Our Lacquer coating protect colors from fading over years!

 Q: Can statues go outside in hot and cold weather?

A: White marble statues that are unpainted can be placed outdoors. We recommend keeping our painted statues in an indoor environment. The paint from statues will not last more than 4 years if left outside so use discretion when placing statues outdoors.

 Q: I am concern about statue safety, What Packaging do you use? Can you share the packaging video?

A: We use specialized Liquids Foam Packaging for safety of our statues, Absolutely You can find the Video below, Kindly have a look!





Free Shipping for All Hindu Marble Statues

KARIGAROFFICIAL offers FREE international shipping using both UPS and DHL Express, except for orders being shipped to restricted countries. Shipping to any location around the world typically takes between 15-21 days. Clients can also choose their preferred shipping service for their orders.

Fast EXPRESS and Secure International Shipping for Marble Statues 

EXPRESS International shipping charges are automatically calculated during checkout. Customers can also obtain a shipping quote for any statue by clicking the "Calculate Shipping" link on the product page or by contacting KARIGAROFFICIAL via email at BEFRIEND@KARIGAROFFICIAL.COM or by phone at 91-8079041092. When requesting a shipping quote, customers should include the item number of the statue they are interested in purchasing, as well as their country and postal code.


For freight orders weighing over 240 pounds or 100 kgs after packing, customers can also obtain a Express shipping quote by clicking the "Calculate Shipping" link on the product page. Exact costs for international shipments will be sent via email within 1-2 days after the order is placed. KARIGAROFFICIAL builds a special custom wooden box for each heavy statue, ensuring safe transport by securing the sculpture inside the foam packing. KARIGAROFFICIAL does not charge for custom wooden box separately as it statue price is the final price, and only passes on the exact express shipping charges charged by the carrier to the customer.

The freight delivery charges include insurance and door delivery to the customer's home. For all residential deliveries, the shipping carrier will contact the customer prior to delivery to arrange a suitable day and time frame. Customers are advised to inspect the wooden box for any damage upon delivery and note it on the delivery receipt.


Customers should note that there may be duties or taxes when importing a KARIGAROFFICIAL sculpture into their country, and they are responsible for paying any applicable charges. Customs charges vary from country to country, and customers are advised to check with their government to determine the duties that apply. KARIGAROFFICIAL is not responsible for any delays that occur due to a country's customs laws.

Alternatively you can contact DHL/FEDEX/UPS CARRIER CUSTOMER SUPPORT and ask them to guide for duty and tax structure for importing shipment to your country by providing them a specific HSN code for marble statues: 68029900

You can also reach out to us for additional help by calling:

Alternatively, you can send us an email at BEFRIEND@KARIGAROFFICIAL.COM

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  • Conceptualization and Design

    Our journey begins with a deep understanding of the divine form we are about to create. Skilled artists brainstorm and sketch every detail to ensure the final product is both spiritually resonant and artistically magnificent.

  • Selection of Marble

    Choosing the right marble is crucial. We use only the finest quality marble, sourced from the best quarries, ensuring durability and a beautiful finish.

    We also allows customer to choose marble as per their budget as in the end we want to make divine statues as per customer options and not ours.

  • Carving and Sculpting

    Our artisans start with rough shaping, gradually moving to intricate detailing. This step requires immense skill and patience, as each chisel stroke brings the statue closer to its final form.

  • Polishing and Finishing

    The statue undergoes several rounds of polishing to achieve a smooth, lustrous surface. This stage is essential for enhancing the natural beauty of the marble.

  • Painting and Decoration

    Natural colors and gold leaf are applied to bring the statue to life. Each statue is hand-painted with care, adding vibrant and meaningful details.

  • Packaging and Shipping

    Our statues are carefully packaged in wooden crates or metallic boxes to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. We handle every aspect of shipping with the utmost care.

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